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Silver earrings with Mother of Pearl - teardrop shape

Silver earrings with Mother of Pearl - teardrop shape

Beautiful .925 Mexican silver earrings in a teardrop shape, inlaid with natural Mother of Pearl.  Matching pendant and ring available, or as a set. 

Unlike minerals, mother of pearl is formed by a living organism; hence, its categorization as an organic gem. It comes from the multicolored nacre coating of the mollusk, which consists of a blend of minerals that protect it from parasites and foreign objects. Quite often, mother of pearl is mistaken for the outer part of a pearl, while actually it is the shiny, thin layer of nacre that is attached directly to the mollusk's shell. The conclusion? Mother of pearl and pearl are two different materials, although they both come from the same place. Mollusks without an iridescent quality cannot produce mother of pearl.

Mother of pearl is remarkable for the multicolor effect and the beautiful shimmer that make extraordinary pieces of jewelry. Thanks to these characteristics, it is also referred to as the “moonlike” gemstone. Despite the fact that it is a relatively soft gemstone, mother of pearl has been used for a very long time in various industries, from jewelry to architecture.

It is recommended to wear your Mother of Pearl jewellery often, as the natural oils in your skin will retain the luster and robustness of the material, and increase its lifespan.

To clean your Mother of Pearl jewellery, simply use a damp microfiber cloth that has been previously soaked in warm soapy water. You may need to carefully use a soft toothbrush to remove incrusted dust. 

Properly cared for, these are pieces that should last a lifetime! Enjoy the durable quality and shimmering brilliance of your Mother of Pearl jewellery. 

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