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Silver earring and pendant set with black onyx stones

Silver earring and pendant set with black onyx stones

Beautiful .925 Mexican silver pendant and earring set inlaid with black onyx stones.

Find the chain of your choice in our "Silver Chains" section. 

Perfect for any occasion, this lovely set shows your style and commitment to wearing quality natural jewellery, made by artisans with the highest quality 925 silver and natural semi-precious stones. Black onyx is an emotionally charged stone that in India, is said to ward off the "evil eye." Wearing black onyx is said to help reduce stress,  and keep energy levels high. Onyx is a gemstone that is a variety of the mineral chalcedony. When cleaning and taking care of this stone, you should keep in mind that onyx is relatively soft (6.5-7 on the Mohs scale of hardness), porous and easy to damage.  The best way to clean your onyx jewellery is simply with a little water and a soft cloth.   Do not wet the stone or soak it in water as onyx is porous and absorbs liquids easily. 


You should not wear your onyx jewellery when bathing or swimming, and be careful not to knock or bump it as the stones are fragile and can easily be scratched. 


It's a good idea to store your onyx jewellery in individual velvet pouches. 

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